If I had to choose one herbal formula to have in my herbal medicine cabinet, it would be Yin Chiao (pronounced chow).

Yin Chiao’s main ingredients are honeysuckle and forsythia. Not sounding so foreign now right? In fact, many of you may have these beautiful plants growing in your backyard.  Now don’t go chewing on your plants before you know what you’re looking for.

What is amazing and truly humbling is the long history of this herbal combination and the fact that it’s still so frequently used today. My patients who are teachers swear by it due to their exposure to the walking talking petrie dishes, a.k.a. students, who seem to have no sense of managing their bodily excretions.

So how would I describe it? Incredibly effective. Some patients have even dubbed it THE MIRACLE FORMULA. The one that kept them well and allowed them to make their vacation plans, see them through a wedding, or keep them healthy so they could take care of a household full of sickies.

Here’s the million dollar tip which will keep you from catching that cold. Yin chiao is most effective in the first 12-24 hours when you’re feeling sick. You know at bedtime when you have that sense that you’re feeling a little off? That’s when you need to take it . Don’t wait until the morning – it may be too late. Take a dose and go to bed. You may find that you feel just fine when you wake up.   But don’t fall asleep on the job. Make sure you follow up with the proper dosage for 24 hours after your symptoms are gone.

Best time to take your herbs? Whenever you’re going to remember them. If you remember best with meals, take them before you eat. If they make you feel too full with your meals, take them in between. Just space them out about 4 hours between doses. Compliance is everything.

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