Good Bye Resolutions. HELLO AFFIRMATIONS!


I was inspired by an article by Omatara James from the Art of Dharma about the power of affirmations. As I read it, I exclaimed praise for each and every beautiful expression of love. I found myself shifting my thought about the annual resolutions we make on New Year’s. Resolution comes from the word resolve, which has implications that something needs to be fixed. That’s not the type of energy I want to bring forth into the New Year.

An affirmation is a declaration that something is true. It’s a positive message to the world that you mean business. It’s staying present in the here and now. It’s not about fixing, it’s about being. I like that. So when I read the affirmations listed, I felt at peace.

Adapted from the Omatara James,  Art of Dharma:

1.“(Breathe in for 4.) Thank you. (Breathe out for 5.) No thank you.”         (This is a wonderful affirmation for those moments that seem like an incredible hassle, but will benefit you in the long run.)

2. “My best efforts will be successful.”    ( Keepin’ the faith.)

3.“ Let me accept all the gifts and challenges from the universe together, with gratitude and patience.”            (Letting the world know that I am ready!  I like the contrasting balance between the gift and the challenges.)

4.  “I am surrounded by love and connected to the earth through the infinite inside me.”          (When looking for  a connection and compassion for others.)

5.  “ The universe will provide.”     ( Doesn’t she always? Gives encouragement. A reminder about the bigger picture.)

6. “ Slowly. Surely. Truly.”      (When needing calm or when in a hurry and things don’t seem to be moving fast enough. A reminder to enjoy the journey.)

7.  “No matter what, we are all blessed beings of the universe.”    (When feeling puny. Or when feeling inflated. To avoid judgement and comparison.)

8.  “I am enough. I have enough.”    (When feeling ruled by desire, or looking to the outside to feel full on the inside)

9.  Happiness is happening right now.   (When I need inspiration…or need a reminder that the present is the present.)

– Wishing you all a Happy Healthy New Year. What are your affirmations? –

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